Predicting Students At-Risk

DoAnalytica’s AI-based prediction model analyses publicly available UK Open University data of 32,593 students enrolled in an online program. The following are the highlights of the prediction model:

  • Student engagement is transformed, through smart data processing methods by the team of data scientists at DoAnalytica
  • AI-model predicts the early performances of students, during an on-going course
  • DoAnalytica’a explainable AI model increases the interpretability of deep learning techniques and, thus, increase their potential to generate actionable insights
  • The prediction model assists the administration in formulating corrective strategies for timely intervening the students at-risk of a failure/withdrawal, and to formulate sustainable resource allocation policy.

Data Source:

DoAnalytica's AI-Model Predicts Students At-Risk with 97.25% Accuracy

Predicted Withdrawals Vs. Actual Withdrawals in Semester Timeline

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