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Our Approach

DoAnalytica seamlessly takes you from figures to insight with a strategic approach.

Data gathering & Preparing

Data modeling

Analytics & BIE

Reporting & visualization

Our Expertise

Get Deeper Insights with Powerful Tools for Advanced Analytics

Customizable Data Views

Visually interact with personalized dashboards and reports. Get data-driven notifications, explore, share your findings and make more accurate and informed decisions.

Smart Data Visualizations

Engage your users and help them tap into the real story of their data faster with extremely interactive, engaging, rich data visualizations.

Seamless Data Integration

With an open, flexible platform and full API support and extended scripting, our BI solutions can be easily integrated and embedded into existing systems, applications and administration

Benefits of Data Visualizations

Data Visualization refers to a graphical presentation of data. This enables users to recognize patterns more quickly. Here are the advantages of data visualization.

Rapid Identification of Latest Trends

Data Visualization gives actionable items

Quick Access to Relevant Business Insights

Data Visualization Challenges We Solve

At DoAnalytica, we help our customers in developing visualization solutions from scratch and even help them solve problems in their existing data visualization solutions. Here are the challenges we solve.

Overloaded dashboards

When too many visual elements, colors, or data visualization types are used in creating dashboards and reports, it becomes difficult to understand the data. Therefore, we make sure that the trends are recognized immediately and chart types are consistent

Insufficient flexibility

Our data visualization services cover the development and design of clear-cut dashboards for desktop as well as mobile users. We even solve data security challenges for our clients and deliver a unique user interface and user experience design.

Not insightful reports

We help our clients in making informed decisions in spite of wasting their time in searching for insights. Therefore, we consider data visualization as an indispensable part of the data reporting process. We help our clients to think and make smart decisions.


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