Educational Data Science

Our solutions are powered by machine learning methods for early identification of students at risk of failing

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Our Solutions

eLearning and Education Management Platforms

Student Assessment and prediction

Educational Reporting and Analytics Systems

Prediction Model of at-Risk Students

Comprehensive Analytical Methods

Relational Data to Actionable Data

Transforming the student engagement information, through smart data processing, to extract concrete student activity information, attendance, assignment score, quizzes, class participation etc.

Feature Reduction & Model Optimization

The model further runs series of optimization techniques and feature reduction models. Reduces the features through a number of feature reduction techniques, such as SHAPLY, Extra Tree classifiers, PCA, etc.

Optimized Deep Prediction Model

We utilize the extracted week-wise information and feed into its own optimized Long Short Term Memory(LSTM) model for the early prediction of students at-risk. Students at-risk can be warned by sending alert.

Platform for Reporting and taking Prompt Actions

92% Accuracy in the prediction of dropouts only by mining up to 12th-week data of students engagement on VLE. Students are likely to drop out from a course, with an accuracy scale ranging from 78.16% in the 1st week.

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